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Young Director's Tactics To Counter Negative Publicity!

Young Director's Tactics To Counter Negative Publicity!

He is a protégé of a star director. He had also scored a decent hit with his debut film as director.

He didn't get any incentives from his debut film producers for giving them a successful film.

All he got was Rs. 20000 salary per month for that film. He bagged a medium budget film in one of the top production houses as his second film. But he couldn't finish the film on time.

The estimated budget also has gone overboard, which irked the producers.

News about his inability to complete the film on time and within the budget has come out. So the director is trying to be in the news by giving leaks that he has a big film lined up with a big hero.

He is using his media friends to spread this so that his name will be in the spotlight. This director should better concentrate upon the output of his second film as he will be anyway in the news if he scores second hit in a row.

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