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Why Bunny Silent On 'Uppena' Success?

Why Bunny Silent On 'Uppena' Success?

Almost all the mega family members have mentioned about the film Uppena before and after the release. They extended wishes before the release and later showered the congratulations.

The film has moved these many people either due to the content or due to the relationship. 

But Bunny hasn't even tweeted for courtesy either before or after. It should be noted that the film Uppena is made on the banner on which Pushpa is under making.

Above that Sukumar is the production partner of this film. Bunny's Geeta Arts is also producing the film "18 Pages" in association with Sukumar Writings. 

In spite of this business nexus, Bunny didn't bother to talk about Uppena till now. 

But some are giving a different interpretation to it.

"If Bunny wishes along with others, it sounds like one in the herd, so he wants to wish much later when all the wishes from others stop pouring", said an insider. 

If this is true, how bad it is to expect media attention even in the matter of wishing a family member who came to public life!

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