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What Is Wrong With Ravi Teja?

What Is Wrong With Ravi Teja?

After a series of crippling flops, each one a blow to his ‘Mass Maharaja’ image, Ravi Teja seems to have lost his sense of right and wrong.

He makes one career blunder after another, and now he apparently walked out of a project at the last minute in favour of another one just because the latter was more lucrative.

When the zeroes on the cheque matter more than your career then it doesn’t take long for an actor to turn into a zero.

Stories of Ravi’s unprofessional behaviour have been doing the rounds of Tollywood for some time now.

There are whispers of substance abuse, and it was this that apparently killed his brother some years ago in a road accident.

I’ve personally witnessed the change in Ravi from a friendly hardworking sincere and likeable soul to an unpopular diffident recluse.

Till a few years ago Ravi was constantly in search of new challenges. He was also eager to make his debut in Hindi cinema. He once shared his regret with me about not being signed to do the Hindi version of Vikramarkudu (Rowdy Rathod).

In fact Ravi was actually signed to make his debut in Bollywood with director Samir Karnik’s Kaur & Singh where he Ravi was to play a double role. The project never happened.

Alas, all his aspirations have now congealed into a mass of massy mess where he constantly tries to win the boxoffice and fails.

So I urge Ravi Teja to stop doing whatever he is doing that makes him do the wrong films. While he has been away trying to make blockbusters other actors have come and displaced Ravi Teja.

But all is not lost. He can still recover lost ground provides he chooses better scripts. And stops smoking whatever he is smoking.

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