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This Anchor Says She's Innocent

This Anchor Says She's Innocent

The US authorities busting the sex racket in Chicago has made the life of many TV actresses and anchors miserable.

The social media and Youtube channels have started speculating these popular faces who frequently visited various events in USA. 

There are at least half a dozen TV anchors who went to USA to attend events conducted by Telugu associations in the last two years multiple times.

So to clear off their names from speculations, some of them have voluntarily opened up and lambasted the culprit and said they were approached by this wife and husband.

Some of these anchors admitted that they didn't fall for their tactics and rejected them out rightly knowing Kishan and his wife Chandra Kala's intentions.

However, there is this anchor who is feeling the heat. She attended the events that were named in the Chicago police case sheet.

Although she says she's innocent and didn't indulge in flesh trade, she fears that unnecessary speculations would spoil her married life.


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