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The Nagababu - Nadendla Effect On Nandamuri Daivam Film?

The Nagababu - Nadendla Effect On Nandamuri Daivam Film?

Balakrishna and team NTR believed that there would be unprecedented craze for NTR biopic, which is why they have placed statues of NTR in more than hundred theaters across Telugu states.

But the film turned out to be a box office disaster with poor collections. Even trade pundits are puzzled by the disastrous response for biopic.

Nandamuri fans are in a state of shock with very disappointing performance of the film even in Balakrishna's strongest fortes.

While many are coming up with various theories for the failure of biopic, here is an interesting analysis where fingers point at Nagababu and Nadendla for minimizing the impact of NTR at the box office.

Nagababu had released a series of videos targeting Balakrishna by highlighting some of Balakrishna's objectionable comments against mega family as well as lower castes.

Nagababu's videos have gone viral on the internet and have shown Balakrishna in bad light.

Then Nadendla started exposing dark secrets of late NTR and Chandrababu Naidu that also got maximum attention.

A certain section of audience have stayed away from watching the film irrespective of word of mouth and reviews.

The film couldn't post good collections with so much negativity surrounding Balakrishna and the biopic.

The theory may not be entirely true but the effect of Nagababu and Nadendla cannot be ruled out entirely. 



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