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Telugu Event Organizer's Cussword About Samantha

Telugu Event Organizer's Cussword About Samantha

Actress Samantha is currently in America, where she attended an association meeting.

It has come to light that Samantha charged a fee of $25,000 for her appearance at this event, with the expectation that she would stay for a duration of two hours. However, it appears that Samantha left the meeting after one and half hour.

As Samantha was departing in her car, the event organizers halted the luggage car that was following behind.

Consequently, Samantha's luggage remained in the care of her manager for about an hour. Subsequently, they let the luggage car go without making much mess.

Reportedly, while Samantha was leaving in her car, the organizer of the event called the person who is driving her car.

Unfortunately, due to the Bluetooth being active, the words from other side were inadvertently transmitted through the car's speaker system, causing some embarrassment to Samantha. 

It goes without saying that the Telugu organizer is so mean and rude addressing Samantha using a cussword to which she felt bad but didn't complain.


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