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Successful Balayya Hits 34 Crores Mark!

Successful Balayya Hits 34 Crores Mark!

Among senior heroes, Balakrishna stands out not only for continuously making films but also for accepting reasonable remuneration.

Despite experiencing flops, many heroes continue to command significant fees, often rising above Rs 5 crore per film.

Initially, Balakrishna's fee was close to Rs 10 crore. With each hit, his remuneration has been steadily increasing.

For Veerasimha Reddy, it rose from Rs 10 crore to Rs 14 crore. For Bhagwant Kesari, it further increased to Rs 18 crore.

Reports suggest that he is now taking up to Rs 30 crore for the Bobby-Sitara film. Currently, his fee for the upcoming film with Boyapati is rumored to be Rs 34 crore.

Balakrishna's market value is also expanding internationally, reaching between Rs 100 to 120 crore. The combination of Balakrishna and Boyapati still generates significant buzz.

Despite high expenditures, the producers of Veerasimha Reddy and Bhagwant Kesari managed to make profits without suffering losses, which is why many producers remain keen to work with Balakrishna.

After the Balakrishna-Boyapati movie, produced under the 14 Reels Plus banner, there might be a new development. Balakrishna's second daughter, Tejaswini, is venturing into film production.

She will be credited as the presenter of the movie, and it is possible that Tejaswini will take on the role of producer for the next project.


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