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Something's Wrong Between Ram Charan And NTR?

Something's Wrong Between Ram Charan And NTR?

According to sources, there are strains in the relationship between NTR and Ram Charan. Despite appearing to have a great time together in Rajamouli's presence, there seems to be underlying competitive tension that is keeping them apart.

The fan-wars between the two heroes have been well-known, and to avoid further issues, they even had to remove their common PR representative sometime back. As everyone knows, the fans fought online over the "Global Star" issue.

Apart from this, it is evident that Ram Charan has been making his way into Hollywood circles with the help of Priyanka Chopra, bypassing Rajamouli. This is because his fans have been feeling that Rajamouli is giving more importance to Jr NTR and sidelining Ram Charan.

As per close sources, the two heroes are not getting along openly due to the fear of their fans and professional competition aspect.


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