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Smoking Trouble For Heroes!

Smoking Trouble For Heroes!

Smoking has become an unavoidable nuisance for several Tollywood heroes. But there is little that they can do as they are addicted to smoking. Not just big heroes, even new entrants into the industry are bearing the brunt of this bad habit, affecting their health.

The list includes NTR, Nani, Sunil, Raj Tarun, Ram, Prabhas and many others who are habituated to smoking, but are not able to overcome this habit.

Sources say one of these heroes was strongly warned by his family doctor against smoking, but he is not able to give it up. These heroes are increasingly addicted to smoking, because of professional tensions, instead of shedding it. As a result, it is causing a lot health hazards to these heroes.

Interestingly, there are many heroes who are consciously keeping away from smoking. It is learnt none of the heroes from Mega family are habituated to smoking. So is young heroes like Nikhil.

The bottomline is: any habit is okay if it is within its limits. Otherwise, it would damage one’s health and finally affects one’s career prospects.