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Shocking Vulgar Words In 'Vakeel Saab'

Shocking Vulgar Words In 'Vakeel Saab'

Vulgar words have become common in movies. Many makers are choosing the English cuss words to avoid the impact. But the big heroes generally take care to avoid such words as the family audience also have to watch their films. 

On the contrary, as per the censor reports, "Vakeel Saab" has many vulgar words and the censor board has mentioned the words and suggested cuts. 

The same is going to be placed at the theatres for the perusal of the audience. So, the censor insights are not private but public now. 

Cut No#1: Bitch..Bl*dy S*ut...Lan**mu**lu. (The censor board has suggested cutting these words. The makers didn't cut but muted. The audience understand the dialogue with the situation and lip movement)

Cut No#2: Kinda nuvvu choosuko.paina nenu choosukuntaa (The censor board suggested to remove this dialogue. But the makers have only muted)

Cut No#3: Censor suggested to cut the word 'prostitution'. But the makers have muted only. 

Cut No#4: Lan*lu..Lan*lu...Bldy fucng bit*es..vesyalu (Censor board suggested to cut this dialogue completely). 

Cut No #5: The censor has suggested to cut the words prostitution, f*king, bit**s wherever they appear. 

When all such words are used so liberally, now it is a big question mark whether the family audience can watch the film looking at Pawan Kalyan's image on the cover page.

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