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Rs 20 Crores, But No Thanks...

Rs 20 Crores, But No Thanks...

There is a hot bit of gossip that is doing rounds in tinsel ville for the past few days.

Apparently, an upcoming or a relatively new hero who has lots of money called on director Chandoo Mondeti who has just given a hit in Karthikeya.

Talk is that he made a bumper offer to Chandoo saying that he would give him Rs 20 crores. The deal is that no matter how much Chandoo pockets, the hero wants him to make a film with him in the lead.

Now, for many upcoming directors, this might sound like a lucrative offer. But Chandoo is said to have turned it down.

Chandoo’s argument is that if he cannot make use of the ‘golden’ offer and fails to deliver a hit, then he will lose out on the fame and name that Karthikeya has got him.

When asked why he felt that the film would flop, Chandoo is said to have had no answer.

Okay, finally it was concluded that maybe he was not sure of the hero’s capabilities.

Well, recently the hero had a grand release and the director was heard telling on TV that they had spent Rs 20 crores on the film.

Now, was that a case of ‘eat as much as you want and make a film’ offer? One never knows!



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