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Reel Buzz: No Nayanatara Please!

Reel Buzz: No Nayanatara Please!

When an actor demands huge remuneration in tune with his or her craze, he or she should also get updated in tune with the trend.

Right from the beginning, Nayanatara has not been showing any interest in promotion of her films. She has been keeping herself away from all promotional activities however big the film is.

In the past, there used to be not much importance to promotion of films. Irrespective of whether there was promotion or not, film starring top heroes used to run successfully for weeks together.

But the trend has changed now. Publicity is key to the success of any film, irrespective of the stars associated with it. Table 

However, Nayanatara is not agreeing for this clause of participating in the promotional activities while signing for the films, in spite of being offered high remuneration.

As a result, the film makers are approaching her as a last option for their films, only when they are not able to find actresses suitable for heroine roles.

Moreover, Nayanatara has not given any value addition to the films she had done in the recent past. She was considered only with an eye on Tamil market, but her presence in the films has shown little impact on their successes.

If Nayanatara does not change her attitude, it is unlikely that she might act in more films in the coming days, unlike in the past. May be, she has realised that her career in the industry may not continue for long.

There is a talk that she has started working out plans to settle down in her life and bid adieu to films in the coming days.

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