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Reason Behind Andhra Jyothy Vs Balakrishna Tiff

Reason Behind Andhra Jyothy Vs Balakrishna Tiff

A couple of days ago, fans of Nandamuri Balakrishna raised a significant outcry, alleging that Andhra Jyothy failed to cover their hero's speech and did not even mention his name in the daily, regarding the closing ceremony of Lokesh's Yuvagalam event. 

In protest, they publicly burned copies of Andhra Jyothy. Speculations abound about the deliberate exclusion of Balakrishna's topic, with some suggesting that CBN and Lokesh influenced Aandhrajyothy MD Radhakrishna to play a role in the perceived supremacy game between the Nara and Nandamuri families. But that's all not correct. 

Upon investigation, we discovered the actual reason behind the apparent conflict between Andhra Jyothy and Balakrishna. 

A few years ago, a news item in the cinema section of AJ daily featured Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna. The daily published Chiranjeevi's topic on one side and Balakrishna's on the other side of the page. However, on the website, the news was displayed on a single page with Chiranjeevi's picture positioned above Balakrishna's. This upset Balakrishna, leading him to call the head of Andhra Jyothy and express dissatisfaction, instructing them not to cover any of his news further, including films, political activities, and those related to Basavatarakam Hospital.

Despite Balakrishna's emotional phone call, the head of Andhra Jyothy did not attempt to reconcile with him. The daily team also felt that if Balakrishna had such an ego, it might be appropriate to cease covering his news altogether. Consequently, coverage of Balakrishna's news in Andhra Jyothy was halted since then.

Thus, the root cause of the discord between Andhra Jyothy and Balakrishna lies in Balakrishna's order not to publish any news. Fans are urged to understand this and refrain from expressing frustration towards the daily, as it was Balakrishna's decision not to see coverage about him in Andhra Jyothy. If fans wish to see Balakrishna's news in Andhra Jyothy it is Balakrishna who has to correct his terms with the daily.


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