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Puri Still Continuing friendship With Charmee

Puri Still Continuing friendship With Charmee

As the adage goes it is hard to hide love. The 'friendship' that director Puri Jagannadh and actress Charmee have is known to all. 

Recently news came that Puri broke up with his friendship and professional association with Charmee in the wake of rumors about their relationship.

It was said that he asked her to leave his office so that people would stop talking about them as it is straining his family relationship. 

This news has widely been reported in all the media. Puri Jagannadh then went on to direct movies for other banners and Charmee is not seen in the Puri's camp. So everyone believed that their break up was real.

But people that are close to Puri and Charmee say that they still maintain good cordial friendship. Adding fire to this rumor is that Puri Jagannadh gave video byte to the media on the occasion of book launch of "Jyothilakshmi" that happened today. 

Charmee released this story book of "Jyothilakshmi", her first production movie that was made in association with Puri Jagannadh. He also praised her. This proves that they still continue good friendship.