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Prashanth Neel Allegedly Bags Rs 100 Cr for 'Salaar'

Prashanth Neel Allegedly Bags Rs 100 Cr for 'Salaar'

In a groundbreaking development, acclaimed director Prashanth Neel is rumored to have secured a staggering Rs 100 crore as remuneration for his directorial prowess in 'Salaar' (Part 1: Ceasefire).

This noteworthy figure marks the highest remuneration ever earned by a Kannada director in recent times.

Prashanth Neel, already an iconic figure in Karnataka, has achieved a cult status, evident from the life-size cutouts of the director gracing prominent locations in Bangalore and other centers.

The director has successfully ventured into the realm of star-studded action films, effortlessly competing with top Bollywood and Tollywood directors.

Despite starting his career with relatively smaller films like 'Ugram,' Prashanth Neel's collaboration with action hero Yash proved to be transformative.

Their combined efforts resulted in two massive hits, 'KGF' and 'KGF 2,' elevating Prashanth Neel to new heights in the film industry.


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