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Prabhas's Paycheck For Baahubali Movies Was Shockingly Low!

Prabhas's Paycheck For Baahubali Movies Was Shockingly Low!

One would imagine the protagonist of the Baahubali movies that earned over Rs. 1000 crore at the box office to walk away with record remuneration.

However, in reality, Prabhas was paid just over Rs. 2 crore per year for working on the magnum opus.

According to sources, Prabhas worked on Baahubali movies for five years and he got Rs. 12 crore in return. 

Prabhas didn't demand remuneration for Baahubali as he took pride in playing the lead role in Rajamouli's dream project.

However, Prabhas's close associates expected that the makers of Baahubali would give him a nice share in the profits earned.

They were shocked to know that Prabhas was paid only Rs. 12 crore for such a historic success and years of hard work. 

Prabhas told them to ignore when they insisted to take this matter to Rajamouli. The actor didn't expect monetary returns from Baahubali.

He was aware that it would make him a pan India superstar and hence didn't make any fuss when he was criminally underpaid for the film.

Although Prabhas got shockingly low payday for Baahubali, he is reaping benefits with Saaho for which he gets the lion share of the profits earned.

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