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Pawan's ex-wife Is A Key Person In People's Media

Pawan's ex-wife Is A Key Person In People's Media

Pawan Kalyan has a strong rapport with People's Media, and Nadendla Manohar shares a robust friendship with the same media outlet.

Adding to the camaraderie is the positive relationship between the family of the head of People's Media and Pawan's ex-wife, Renu Desai. Overall, they appear to share a harmonious connection.

In this context, Renu Desai has recently affiliated herself with People's Media and is contemplating venturing into Telugu movie production.

Given People's Media's involvement in multiple film productions, she has the flexibility to handle any project of her choice as part of the production team.

She has the option to plan and execute her own project, leading to the allocation of a cabin to Renu Desai at the People's Media Office.

Selecting an auspicious day, she entered the cabin. It's noteworthy that family members of People's Media head Vishwaprasad, including his wife and daughter, actively participate in film production. Thus, People's Media is transforming into a family-oriented media venture.

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