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Pawan Kalyan's Short Cut Formula In Films

Pawan Kalyan's Short Cut Formula In Films

Actor-turned-politician and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan is known for his shortcut methodology in politics.

Pawan never puts hard work in the aspect of learning new things in depth, and hardly makes any considerable physical effort in moving from place to place on par with full time serious politicians. 

Now, he seems to be following the same with respect to doing films as well.

He is believing in remakes and not showing much interest to listen to straight stories, as per sources. It is known that he is already doing Pink remake as Vakeel Saab. Now, the point to be underlined is that he has shown interest in principle to do a Malayalam remake as well. 

Little while ago it was rumored that Venkatesh is going to do the remake of 2019 Malayalam film "Driving Licence". But now the producer who bagged the remake rights is showing interest to do the film with Pawan Kalyan.

Even Pawan seems to have shown his consent just by hearing the commercial  track record of that film. 

Prithviraj has played main lead in Malayalam which was commercially a hit and also received acclaims from critics. There is another character in the film for which the producer is trying for Sai Dharam Tej or Vaishnav Tej.

We have to see when it will go to the sets.

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