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Pawan Kalyan's Night Restrictions for Shoot!

Pawan Kalyan's Night Restrictions for Shoot!

Pawan Kalyan said he would not step out after 6 pm evening until his Chaturmasya Deeksha gets completed.

Despite this time limitations, the actor is willing to start the shoot next month.

His Deeksha will end in November but the team of “Vakeel Saab” is planning to shoot scenes involving Pawan Kalyan during day time only.

He will not agree to shoots during night time as he will have to do Pooja in the evening at home.

Director Venu Sriram in his recent media interviews mentioned that he will resume the shoot from September 23rd. But he will film the sequences that don’t require the presence of Pawan Kalyan.

The star is expected to come next month. Dil Raju is planning to release it for the Sankranthi festival.

The film has Nivetha Thomas, Ananya Nagalla, and Anjali as the three women who are wrongly implicated in a case that is handled by Vakeel Saab Pawan Kalyan.

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