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Pawan Kalyan Declares His Assets And Properties

Pawan Kalyan Declares His Assets And Properties

YCP Minister Ambati Rambabu is on fire due to his portrayal in the movie "Bro." However, he went further by alleging that Chandrababu had offered a package to Pawan Kalyan through the same film.

Pawan indirectly responded to the controversy by stating that he had already left the movie, but certain YCP leaders were trying to create trouble for him and Janasena party members by dragging them into the matter.

"I left thinking about 'Bro' long back. I completed my part in the film, but it seems YCP leaders are still fixated on it. Janasena leaders should not fall into their trap of creating unnecessary controversies around the movie 'Bro.' Instead, focus on addressing real issues," Pawan said.

Pawan Kalyan also addressed rumors about his involvement in movies and clarified his financial position.

He emphasized that he acts in films for the sake of income, which is essential for running his political party. However, he asserted that he hasn't amassed wealth through his film career.

"Cinema is a necessity for me. It fuels my political endeavors and helps me serve the people. But please, let no Jana Sena leader mix cinema with politics. I lead a simple life, residing in a small room at the back of the Jana Sena party office. My only assets are a few books in 5-6 almirahs, a couple of bags of clothes, and some essential belongings," Pawan asserted.

Pawan Kalyan declared that he has now shifted completely to Mangalagiri along with his modest possessions. He assured that he would be available to everyone from that location going forward.


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