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Pawan cares a damn for Tollywood elders!

Pawan cares a damn for Tollywood elders!

Tollywood power star Pawan Kalyan’s decision to release his upcoming film Bhimla Naik on January 12 on the occasion of Sankranti festival has triggered an uproar in the Telugu film industry.

Several Tollywood biggies were taken by surprise with the announcement and are grumbling over his decision, as it would have an impact on the collections of S S Rajamouli’s mega film “RRR.”

Those who have good connections with RRR film makers, directors and heroes are trying to prevail upon Pawan Kalyan to postpone the decision to release his film during the Sankranti festivities.

But Pawan Kalyan is said to be stubborn on his stand. In fact, he had been planning to get his film released during Sankranti festival days and RRR film makers entered the scene a little later and announced its release on Sankranti.

Apparently, they thought they could bring pressure any other film maker to drop their release plans, but Bhimla Naik film makers refused to surrender and withdraw their plan for Sankranti release.

Now, these industry biggies are signing a different tune, saying there should be cooperation among the film makers to safeguard the industry. But Pawan Kalyan told his producers categorically that there is no question of any compromise with RRR film makers.

He asked them what kind of support the film industry had extended him when the people in power were troubling him during the release of his earlier film – Vakeel Saab.

He pointed out that nobody stood by him in troubled times and so, why he should support these people in the film industry.

So, Pawan is hell-bent on the release of his film Bhimla Naik on January 12, irrespective of the hue and cry raised by others in the industry.

Under these circumstances, it appears to be certain that Bhimla Naik is going to compete with RRR during the Sankranti festival, unless, of course, Pawan develops any second thoughts.

And Pawan’s fans, too, are insisting that there should be no change in the date of release of the film. They are flooding the social media with messages that Bhimla Naik must be released during Sankranti festival. If it gets postponed, they are sure to stage a dharna in front the offices of the producers and directors!

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