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Only Fish and Water For 20 Days!

Only Fish and Water For 20 Days!

Unlike in the past, heroes are struggling a lot to maintain their physique to suit a particular role in their films every time.

Tollywood hero Sai Dharam Tej generally looks very chubby. Sometimes he loses his cholesterol and some other time, he puts on weight, as the character demands in his films.

For his latest film – “Prathi Roju Pandage” – Sai Dharam is forced to show a six-pack body, for which he had to struggle for 20 days.

During this three-week period, Sai Dharam had survived only on water and fish. He was not allowed to take any other food.

All that he had done was to eat fish, drink plenty of water, do an exhaustive physical exercise, reduce the body weight and gain abs.

But the problem here is that he can maintain the physique as long as he practices this simple diet. If he doesn’t follow this schedule carefully, the situation will come back to square one. Then, he has to struggle all over again.

So, it is not “Prathi Roju Pandage” (It’s festive time every day) for our heroes, but it has turned out to be “Prathi Roju Vyayamame..” (Every day exercise) for them!


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