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Naga Babu Targets Balakrishna's Rare Breed

Naga Babu Targets Balakrishna's Rare Breed

Naga Babu has been making sly remarks against Nandamuri Balakrishna in the recent past.

He created quite a storm with his comment that he doesn't aware of any Balakrishna other than an old comedian.

Now he has posted on his Facebook some images of Buffalos and Pit Bulls asking people to buy them if they are interested. He insisted that they have sustainable breed and bloodline

At first glance, it is quite a confusing post. Why should Naga Babu ask people to buy Buffalos?

Only when we rake up minds, we get the point that he is trying to say. He is trolling Balakrishna who keeps on harping that his is rare bloodline and his family comes from rare breed.

It is evident that Naga Babu doesn't want to be silent on Balakrishna's issue. He will continue provoke him as the polls are around the corner.

Balakrishna has earlier made low comments about Pawan Kalyan.



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