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Mind Game With Fake News About Heroes?

Mind Game With Fake News About Heroes?

There is some news about NTR, Ram Charan and Bunny that have come forward to work for reduced remuneration.

But the industry sources are saying that there is a conspiracy behind these feelers. The news has come out that the top 6 heroes of Tollywood are exempted from this pay cut.

Little earlier even the cinema employees have agitated to increase their salaries. They have shown the top heroes as a precedent and demanded for pay hikes.

A council member said that the Producers' Guild members have plotted these feelers to silence the cinema workers and also to show that their mission is getting accomplished.

On the other hand another Guild Member himself said that if there is any such thing, the heroes would confirm that in the Guild first.

So is he expecting the heroes in news should come forward and express the same in the Guild?

In fact any hero would come forward to say that they would extend their helping hand to the producer. But the actual scene may be different. They may deal separately with each producer and keep the desired thing on record.

On the other hand, the cost cutting committee held a meeting today. One of the points is not to provide the single door caravans to the stars and they have to accept whatever the producer arranges.

Another point is not to send vehicles to houses for pick ups and every actor has to come to the shooting spots in their own vehicles.

Next meeting is going to be held on Thursday to discuss further cost cutting methods.


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