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Meher Ramesh Goes into Hiding

Meher Ramesh Goes into Hiding

On the first day, director Meher Ramesh watched "Bholaa Shankar" alongside Chiranjeevi fans on a single screen in Hyderabad.

He witnessed fans leaving the theater during the show, and some even expressed their dissatisfaction directly to him, labeling his direction as disastrous.

By Friday afternoon, he observed that the film was receiving negative reviews from critics, audiences, and fans alike. In response, he retreated from public view and confined himself to his home.

This isn't the first instance of fan backlash that he has faced.

About a decade ago, fans of NTR Jr criticized him for his work on "Shakti," a film that was widely ridiculed. His direction in "Shadow" was likewise panned by Venkatesh's fans. With "Bholaa Shankar," he now faces his third consecutive setback, with even Megastar's fans joining in the criticism.

This flop effectively marks the end of his career, making it highly unlikely for him to secure another opportunity to direct a film.

Following the failure of "Shadow," no producer came forward to collaborate on another project under his direction. He spent eight years waiting for another chance.

Chiranjeevi extended the offer solely due to Ramesh being his cousin.


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