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Mahesh Generates No 'Fear Factor' Like Prabhas?

Mahesh Generates No 'Fear Factor' Like Prabhas?

Upon learning about the scheduled release date of "Salaar," numerous films are rescheduling their own release dates to avoid a clash with this cinematic giant. However, it's curious why a similar level of apprehension doesn't seem to be affecting "Guntur Kaaram."

The film "Guntur Kaaram" is set to grace the screens in January. Directed by Trivikram and featuring Mahesh Babu after a long hiatus, this movie has generated high expectations.

With a massive budget of two hundred crores, it's a significant release. Yet, even with such a monumental movie on the horizon, half a dozen other films are vying for attention and potentially competing against it.

These include Ravi Teja's "Eagle," Venkatesh's "Saindhav," Vijay Devarakonda's "Family Star," and Teju Sajja's "Hanuman." In addition to these, a dubbed film of Rajnikanth is also in the lineup.

All these films are making loud announcements and asserting their suitability for the festive season.

The point to be noted is that "Guntur Kaaram" has not yet released any songs. People eagerly await the teaser and songs to determine whether "Guntur Kaaram" will pose a threat to the competition. It's a situation worth keeping an eye on.


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