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Krish Doing Same Mistake Again

Krish Doing Same Mistake Again

Where is director Krish's career heading? If there is one major mistake he has made, it might be shooting Hari Hara Veera Mallu with Pawan Kalyan.

Had such a good subject been taken up with another young top hero, it would have been completed by now.

Considering Krish's talent, the movie would have definitely entertained people. But in Pawan's hands, the project remains untouched. Now, finally, Krish has had to leave the project.

While working on Hari Hara Veera Mallu, Krish made another move, intentionally or unintentionally: producing the movie Kondapolam.

Even if he thought it was a good subject, he didn't consider if people would patronize it, which ultimately resulted in financial losses for him.

How wonderful would it be for Krish to make a good film, given his talent and reputation? But why isn't he thinking in that direction?

Now, there is news that he is planning a film production with another mega hero.

Actually, the market is not good. Krish is about to produce a film with Varun Tej in collaboration with director Merlapaka Gandhi.

However, with this money and effort, if Krish directly makes a good film, it would be different.

Therefore, it would be better to make a film with a subject like Vedam or Kanche, which can work out commercially. That is the suggestion of Krish's admirers.


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