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Kalyan Ram's 'Devil': No Promotions- Zero Hype

Kalyan Ram's 'Devil': No Promotions- Zero Hype

Heroes aren't merely performers on the big screen; the movies they star in become intrinsic to their identity.

They carry the responsibility of advocating for their work, with notable figures like Nani, Naveen, Nikhil, and others making significant contributions. These individuals invest substantial effort, sacrificing sleep and personal time to ensure the success of their films.

Sometimes, they become so immersed in their roles that they participate in various activities like reels, stage dances, and skits on game shows.

Nani played a crucial role in the success of 'Hi Nanna' at the box office, carrying the film forward like no one else could.

While movie promotion methods have evolved, incorporating colleges, malls, and social media influencers, some prominent heroes remain hesitant to embrace these new approaches.

Reflecting on recent films, "Bimbisara" achieved success, whereas "Amigos" faced setbacks.

Kalyan Ram's "Devil" is set in a similar context, but the buzz around the movie is minimal, and whatever buzz it has generated is solely due to the teaser and trailer.

The release is just six days away, yet promotions have not commenced. Considering the producer's need to recoup investments, the film should ideally generate significant hype!

Given this backdrop, questions arise about the hero's vested interest in the film, the dynamics of the producer-hero relationship, or a deliberate choice to enter theaters with low buzz.


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