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Hero's foreign jaunts at producers' expense?

Hero's foreign jaunts at producers' expense?

When a big hero is engaged in shooting for a film, it is like a jackpot for him. As long as the production goes on, the hero doesn’t have to spend a penny from pocket.

Right from salaries of hero’s personal staff to manager’s expenses and even make-up man’s salary are borne by the producer.

This has become very common these days. But of late, producers are forced to bear the expenses of heroes’ foreign tours during the production period.

Generally, it takes at least 10 months to produce a film with a big hero. During this period, if the hero wants to take a break and go on a foreign tour along with his wife, the producer has to bear the entire cost of the hero’s foreign jaunt.

Now, producers have got used to bear this additional burden. But there is a particular hero who loves to go on foreign tours frequently on the pretext of vacations.

He flies to picturesque locations abroad at least three to four times a year and whenever he goes, he spends at least a week there.

Nobody would have any objection to this hero going abroad as and when he wanted. But the problem is that he would thrust the entire burden of his foreign tours on the producer in whose film he would be acting at that time.

Right from the first class tickets to hotel expenses and other entertainment charges would have to be borne by the producers.

Apparently, every producer who makes a film with this hero adds at least one to two crore rupees extra to his production cost.

When asked about the same, a producer who had done films with this hero and production executives who worked with him have parried the answer, saying: “No comment please!”

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