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Gossip: Young Director Heading For Divorce!

Gossip: Young Director Heading For Divorce!

Marriages seem to be increasingly short-lived in today's era. It's often said that couples are considering divorce even before the honeymoon phase ends.

Unfortunately, it appears that this trend has affected the married life of a young Tollywood director as well.

His marriage, which took place not long after celebrating a super hit movie success, has now reportedly ended in divorce.

These rumors have been circulating for nearly a month now. Despite numerous inquiries among close friends, denials seemed to be the standard response.

However, a few individuals have come forward acknowledging that they've also heard similar whispers. Now, with divorce being confirmed with greater certainty, it's become harder to ignore.

This director holds strong connections within the Tollywood industry, and their family shares close ties with many prominent figures.

Given that only a year has passed since their marriage, it took some time for these speculations to gain credibility. But as time passes, it appears that the rumors are, unfortunately, turning out to be true.


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