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Game Over For Another Top Producer

Film business is an unpredictable profession and no one can guess about hits and flops.

Earlier, producers used to believe in scripts and then think about the rest of cast and crew. But everything has changed now and the producers of this generation are fixing the director-hero combination first and then searching for a suitable script.

As per our sources, one of the filmmakers, who has produced more than 20 films, is likely to shut down his production house very soon.

This producer has come up with two back-to-back big budget films and none of those films minted money at the box-office.

Our sources say that this producer owes close to 60 crores to the other financiers and producers in the market.

Some time back, RR Movie Makers faced similar situation and they have left the industry after that. This producer is going through the same phase and his current film which is under progress is likely to change the hands very soon.

This isn't surprising because the producers these days are spending close to 25 crores (on Star hero and Star Director) only on the remunerations of hero and director.

If this trend continues, most of the producers in Tollywood will have to face similar situation.



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