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Funny Remuneration Demand Of These Heroes

Funny Remuneration Demand Of These Heroes

Hyderabad: Looking at the remunerations of some mid-range heroes, it's a bit surprising.

A mid-range hero who took a remuneration of ten crores one and a half years ago is now asking for Rs 35 crores. This is the news circulating in Tollywood.

A few weeks ago, when he quoted Rs 20 crores, producers were awed. When they heard that he was offered Rs 25 crores, they were taken aback. Hearing that Rs 30 crores was offered to him made them sigh. Now, knowing that this hero is asking for Rs 35 crores, they are becoming silent.

A hero of the same range from Tamil cinema is now asking for Rs 35 crores to act in Telugu films. Having already done one or two straight Telugu movies, he is now taking Rs 30 crores for his subsequent film. Many believe that if anyone asks for his dates from now on, he will definitely ask for Rs 35 crores.

It can be understood that they are asking for such high amounts due to scoring one or two hits and a somewhat profitable non-theatrical market. Even without significant hits, a mid-range hero is demanding Rs 25 crores.

Another hero is not going below Rs 10 crores, regardless of whether he has a film in hand or not, while another hero is demanding Rs 13 crores.

This is the current state of Tollywood.


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