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Exclusive: Accident Predicted In Sai Dharam's Horoscope

Exclusive: Accident Predicted In Sai Dharam's Horoscope

Hero Sai Dharam Tej met with an accident and is undergoing treatment as of now. Accidents are common in India.

Many accidents are prone to happen on Hyderabad roads as well. But the common man's accident wouldn't attract the public. Obviously, much is talked about a celebrity's accident.

A few days ago Sai Dharam Tej learned that an accident is waiting to hit him shortly. A film person friend who is very close to Sai Dharam is good at astrology.

He suggested being very careful while driving on roads as the planetary positions in his horoscope are troublesome.

Not stopping there, he also suggested some remedies to get rid of this. Sai Dharam is not an atheist. He had an idea to get the remedies done.

But he might have thought that the bad time may wait for him until he gets the remedies done. But within no time, the accident took place.


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