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Everybody Wants Deverakonda, But No One's Returning The Favour!

Everybody Wants Deverakonda, But No One's Returning The Favour!

Vijay Deverakonda is arguably the fastest rising star in Telugu Cinema industry. He may not have had any big hits post Geetha Govindam, but he has a loyal fan base among youngsters.

Telugu Film Industry(TFI) is aware of his craze among the youth which is why many top celebs invite him for their movie events and some other launching events.

Vijay is generous enough to spare time for any event that he is invited, but none of them are trying to return the favour when he needs them.

For instance, no one tweets about Vijay's movies or trailers. It doesn't cost anything for the superstars to put one tweet about Vijay's films. However, they don't do that for some reason.

The World Famous Lover actor is reportedly disappointed with this 'use and ignore' attitude of Tollywood top celebs. He has expressed his displeasure with a noted producer.

He is disappointed that no one is coming forward to extend their helping hand to promote his films while he is willing to do it for them.



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