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Conspiracy Of Big Producers To Stop 'HanuMan'

Conspiracy Of Big Producers To Stop 'HanuMan'

Prashanth Varma's "HanuMan" is set to be the most extensive pan-India release for the upcoming Sankranthi/Pongal season.

This season is not only favorable for the film in the South but also nationwide, coinciding with the opening of Ayodhya Ramalayam in January.

Furthermore, the filmmakers had reserved the release date for Sankranthi-2024 almost three months in advance.

However, two Telugu producers are reportedly attempting to obstruct the release of this film through their influence and manipulative tactics.

One of these producers has gone to the extent of hindering the Hindi censor certification of the film.

His concern stems from the fact that his own film is also set to release during the same Sankranthi season, and he fears that the prospects of his film might be overshadowed by 'HanuMan.'

Prashanth Varma, utilizing his personal links, managed to eventually get the censor certification done.

Not stopping there, the other producer, who holds the distribution rights for almost three films releasing during the Sankranthi season, is pressuring the 'HanuMan' producers to vacate the Sankranthi season to make way for his own films. 

This producer cum distributor is struggling to persuade the producers of other films, as they are more experienced and have long-term relationships with him. Moreover, he holds a significant share in their business as a distributor. 

However, the 'HanuMan' producers are NRIs and new to the industry, making them vulnerable to intimidation.

In this context, he has mentioned that small films will receive small justice, and big films will receive big justice, asserting a principle of "survival of the fittest." 

If this is the kind of justice prevailing in the film industry, it amounts to nothing short of anarchy. 

It's important for this god-fearing producer to realize that there is a dialogue from one of the films: "Balaheenudini balavantudu kodithe - Balavantudini bhagavantudu kodathaadu." 

So, the producer should keep in mind that there exists audience and media beyond the producers, and ultimately, there is God beyond everyone.


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