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Climax To Shankar's Creativity?

Climax To Shankar's Creativity?

Who is the top director in Tamil film industry? The answer invariably is Shankar. 

All his first six films were super hits and visual wonders, because he did not repeat the same genre in any of these films. 

Not just Tamilians, audiences across the country were eagerly waiting for his films. He received first jolt with Boys, though it had very good collections in Telugu.

He was back with a bang with Aparichitudu and gained international acclaim with “Sivaji”and “Robot.” But it appeared he imposed restrictions on his own talent by remaking  superhit  Hindi film Three Idiots into Tamil and the film ended up as a flop. 

His another experimental film “I” also turned out to be a disaster. Now, Shankar is coming out with Robot-2. 

It is unfortunate that this ace director who does not touch the same subject again and again,  has decided to make a sequel to his own film. And there are reports that Shankar is planning to make sequels of his superhit films like Bharatiyudu and Boys.

Real fans of Shankar always expect something new from him,  but not sequels or remakes. The fact that he has chosen to do remakes and  sequels itself is an indication to the loss of his creative skills.



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