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Character Actress Moves in Lover's House!

Character Actress Moves in Lover's House!

She is one of the most-beautiful character actresses. Though she gets to play mother roles, the 40-plus actress has good fan following among males. She is also liked by some of the leading stars of Tollywood.

However, industry grapevine is that she is maintaining an amour relationship with a character actor who is known for having ‘extra’ affairs. He enjoyed 'star' status in 80's and 90's but is now playing father roles. 

The latest update is that she is now regularly staying in his house in Hyderabad. She is busiest actress in South India.

She appears in almost all big and medium-range movies in Tollywood. So, she has to stay in Hyderabad for nearly 15 to 20 days in a month. She is now staying into this actor’s house instead of checking in hotels.

She is now said to have got a special room in her new friend's house in Hyderabad.

Everyone is wondering how this actor who is in his 50’s is managing all his relationships without acrimony at home.



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