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Buzz: Top Director Pays Actress's Rent

Buzz: Top Director Pays Actress's Rent

He is one of the top directors in Telugu cinema. He takes home multiple crores as part of his paycheck.

There is little romance in his movies as he focuses solely on heroism. But off-screen, he is romantic at heart.

Sources say he maintains a very colorful life. He has had his share of affairs. Lately, he is paying the rent of an apartment a character actress lives in. This is now the topic of a discussion in the lanes of Film Nagar.

The good thing about him is that he also helps financially with whom he maintains a relationship.

The director who has his signature style as a filmmaker is currently paying all the rents and maintenance of a character actress. The said actress is struggling to get offers lately. 

She had acted in the director’s earlier movies. Upon knowing her poor financial status, he is now helping her and taking care of her expenses. Of course, he will seek benefits in return.

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