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Buzz: Tollywood Heroes Shocked The Heroine

Buzz: Tollywood Heroes Shocked The Heroine

Everyone is aware of the dynamics within the industry. Personal bonds and friendships are rare and often revolve around professional collaborations and remuneration.

While actors commonly profess close friendships in interviews, the reality often falls short.

Recently, an actress attempted to launch a new business in Hyderabad. This wasn't her first venture into entrepreneurship, as she had initiated business endeavors during her prime as a leading actress.

However, her opportunities in the spotlight have since diminished, even though her connections remain.

Using her contacts, she sought the participation of Tollywood's top stars for the inauguration of her new venture.

These weren't minor actors but some of the industry's leading stars. They answered her calls immediately but declined her invitation, each citing different reasons.

One star cited an ongoing election campaign, another mentioned the risk of revealing his look for an upcoming film, and yet another said he was abstaining from public engagements on his father's advice to avoid political controversies.

Each star offered a different excuse, leading the actress to refrain from reaching out to other acquaintances in the industry.

The bottom line is simple: once your prime is over, nobody cares about your needs.


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