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Buzz: Producer Plays Football With The Director

Buzz: Producer Plays Football With The Director

We are talking about a small director who faced the anger of his producer. Small directors get the opportunities out of luck.

When any opportunity comes on the way, the director should prove that he is meticulous in his job and quickly completes the film in stipulated time.

If the producer feels happy then he will get the chance to do some other project with the word of mouth publicity.

But this small director is not taking any care about his career. He has been making his film from quite long time. The hero is in frustration.

Another senior actor who worked in this film also lost patience. The producer could finally placate them and settle the issue. 

But now the director is still asking for time to complete the graphics work. Producer got infuriated with all this and shouted at the director in front of everyone.

The producer also warned the director that he would not let his name appear on the screen at all. But the director shamelessly stood with smile on his face during these reprimands.

How can this director get the next film? His name is already maligned in the industry by the mouth publicity of the hero, the character artiste and now the producer.

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