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Buzz: Police Case On The Top TV Anchor

Buzz: Police Case On The Top TV Anchor

Someone said sometime ago- "Popularity is sin". Yes, to a large extent. It needs no explanation to say how several celebrities live with the shadows of paparazzi, sirens of gossip mills and the ire of controversies. But this is not always true.

Sometimes, being celebrity is a boon. They can manage media, police and even the top heads in the system. Of course, it needs a lot of maneuvering capability in dealing with the power centers. 

We are talking about a popular TV anchor who was booked under bonded labor act. The story goes like this-

Two minor girls, studying in a Child Care Center in Nuzvid were brought to Hyderabad by her mother during festival holidays. The mother kept both the daughters on maid servant jobs in a TV anchor's house.

Knowing that the girls haven't returned to the child care center even after the vacation, the caretakers have filed the missing case.

During the investigation, it was found that they were anchored on work in the TV anchor's house.

It was also discovered that the girls were even asked to do body massages as part of their job. Since, it is a crime to make the minor girls work, a case was filed on the anchor by Nuzvid police.

But no action has been taken so far and even the name of the anchor is still kept under wraps. It is all the power of dealing the system, being in celebrity status, say the insiders.


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