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Buzz: Pawan Kalyan's Iron Leg On Heroes?

Buzz: Pawan Kalyan's Iron Leg On Heroes?

Whenever Pawan Kalyan comes as a guest to any film event, its proving to be a flop after its release. This sentiment has started spreading in the industry after observing the track record. 

Social media says that he was the chief guest for the pre release event of Ravi Teja's movie 'Nela Ticket' which was a big flop and then he attended the event of 'Sye Raa' and the result is known for all. 

Its known how the film 'Republic' of Saidharam Tej toppled at the box office miserably. Pawan Kalyan attended the event and he was the main guest speaker for the pre release event of the film.

The latest film 'Ante Sundaraniki' also turned out to be a failure finally and the run has slowed down. Yes, Pawan Kalyan was the chief guest to the pre release event of this film. 

As per sources many producers are now feeling that Pawan is an iron leg in film events. The heroes are also wishing that Pawan should not be a guest in their film events.

Of course, sentiments rule in film industry. But this seems to be the heights of it. The success rate in the film industry itself is small. Attributing the failure of films to the chief guests at the events is the heights of superstition.


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