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Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Is Single Take Artist!

Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Is Single Take Artist!

Pawan Kalyan is a single-take artist now. Well, that doesn't mean he is the powerhouse of talent. Here is the story. 

Right now he is acting in the film "Vakeelsaab". An insider from the unit of that film shared, "All that the director has to do is placing different cameras in mid, close, wide range and suggestion like in Biggboss show. Then he has to explain the scene to the hero.

Once the director says "Start..Camera...Action", Pawan Kalyan performs. After that there is no other option for the director left, than saying "Ok". There are no retakes, no improvisations and nothing. When our hero performs once, that is final". 

Inside sources reveal that an action episode was completed in 3 hours. Probably, with this confidence Pawan Kalyan has given dates for three films. 

"Ayyappanum Kozhiyum" remake is planned to be completed in 30 days. Then Krish's film is also going to be finished in the same fashion. 

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The insider also shared, "Pawan Kalyan is choosing only the directors who are submissive to him. So that he can work in his style. He is not an actor but a star. He too might have taken that to his head and felt that his presence in the frame is enough and no need to bother about performance. Well, the remuneration he is taking for this kind of hard work and commitment is only Rs 50 Cr".

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