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Buzz: Directors Sulking as Hero Calls the Shots!

Buzz: Directors Sulking as Hero Calls the Shots!

He is not a big star but has gained a name of his own. The actor is known for his fit body and he loves to showcase his six-pack abs at a drop of a hat.

Though his recent film bombed at the box office big time, he has not stopped interfering in the work of his director.

Currently working in two films simultaneously, the mid-range star is reportedly giving a tough time to the directors. 

A word from the sets is that he is ‘fingering’ the work of the directors, and calling the shots entirely.

From framing to the scheduling of the shooting, the actor is deciding everything. In a way, he is trying to direct the films, and not letting the directors do their job freely.

Buzz is that both the upcoming directors are now sulking with his attitude. Those two movies have suffered production delays to this ‘six-pack’ babu! 


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