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Buzz: Actress to Cut Down Intake of Pegs!

Buzz: Actress to Cut Down Intake of Pegs!

Hyderabad: She is one of the most popular faces on the screen. The married Tollywood actress has a huge fan following as she maintains a super physique. 

The tall actress is highly professional when it comes to her work, never postpones shoots even she parties hard the night before. But she has one habit that is bringing a bad name to her. That is drinking excessively. 

When she goes to a party, she can’t control herself. Many a time she landed in trouble after taking more pegs than the normal standard.

Insiders say she has recently addicted to this drinking habit.

The movie industry has many actors and actresses who love to party and drink. While some have overcome the addiction as Shruti Haasan recently confessed that she quit this habit totally, others still clinging to it.

Now her husband and her close pals have asked to reduce the intake or stick to partying at home. She has now vowed to overcome habit and become a teetotaler. That is her 2020 Resolution!



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