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Buyers Want To Trim, Producers Don't Know What To Trim!

Buyers Want To Trim, Producers Don't Know What To Trim!

Runtime of Dear Comrade has been the biggest complaint of all. The film has opened to decent collections but not so decent word of mouth.

Even Vijay Deverakonda admitted that one will need a lot of patience to watch this film. Buyers who bought this for high prices are reportedly disappointed with the runtime.

A few buyers called the producers and asked them to trim the first half, but the producers said that they had no clue of what to edit and asked the buyers to tell what could be trimmed.

There were rumors about Vijay Deverakonda's involvement in deciding the final cut of Dear Comrade. Producers or director didn't have any say on it.

Apparently, Vijay Deverakonda wanted all those elements that were present in Arjun Reddy so that his fans would lap it up.

But the Comrade/rebel angle in the film didn't go hand in hand with the romance part and has stick out like a sore thumb.

Marketing the film like the love story of a rebel student also seems to have backfired going by the reports.

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