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Boyapati's 'Bhaaree' Sentiment Turns Burden For #RC12

Boyapati's 'Bhaaree' Sentiment Turns Burden For #RC12

Director Boyapati Srinu is taking his own sweet time to wrap up his film with Ram Charan #RC12, tentatively titled Vinaya Vidheya Raama.

The film has been on the sets from many months and Boyapati filmed it for more than hundred days already. There is thirty days of work that is yet to be completed.

Boyapati is reportedly demanding for ‘lavishness’ in each and every frame and shooting in multiple locations for ‘sentiment’ purposes.

He has been filming it in various locations ranging from Bangkok to Vizag just for the sake of ‘hit sentiment’.

He has roped in huge star cast and taking them for a tour round the globe at producer’s expense.

The cost of production has already exceeded estimates and is likely to end up around Rs. 120 crore including promotions. This is more or less equal to what the producer would make after selling all the rights.

Boyapati Srinu is known for overspending, which was a reason for the failure of his previous film Jaya Janaki Nayaka.

Producer Danayya is staying mum about the happenings as he share cordial relation with the lead actor and his family.

Charan is also part of Danayya’s upcoming mega-multistarrer directed by Rajamouli.

According to reports, Boyapati is least bothered about the nil promotions of the film. He hasn’t finalized the title and unveiled the first look yet.

The film is gearing up for release during Sankranthi weekend. 



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