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Bobby: The Egoist Director in Tollywood

Bobby: The Egoist Director in Tollywood

Director Bobby is not a top director in Tollywood, nor he has proved his specialty in the two movies he directed so far. But he has hit the headlines many a time with tiffs with cameramen and artistes.

Bobby is now directing NTR starrer "Jai Lava Kusa" and the movie ran into troubles when famous Bollywood cinematographer Muraleedharan C K left the movie after two schedules.

He frustrated with Bobby's lack of knowledge about film making technique, said a source from the unit of "Jai Lava Kusa".

This is not the first time that Bobby has had issues with technicians or actors.

He debuted with Ravi Teja starrer "Power" and during the shoot of the movie he faced issues with cinematographer Jayanan Vincent. So, the cinematographer voluntarily walked out from the project. Arthur Wilson did the rest of the movie.

Bobby got chance to direct Pawan Kalyan in "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" and same scene was repeated.

Jayanan Vincent is close to Pawan Kalyan as he worked Pawan's films like "Gabbar Singh" and "Gopala Gopala". Hence Pawan Kalyan took him for "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" despite Bobby's reservations.

After few days of the shoot, Jayanan Vincent and Bobby had a major tiff and Pawan Kalyan stood behind Bobby this time. Hurt Jayanan left the film midway. Bobby brought in Arthur Wilson again to complete "Sardaar Gabbar Singh". The film bombed miserably.

During the shoot of "Sardaar Gabbar Singh", Bobby also had a tiff with comedian Shakalaka Shankar.

Insiders say, Bobby has lot of ego issues. They say he expects that everyone from technicians to artists to treat him as big director but his command over the craft of movie making is not that great. 

Bobby has no blockbuster on his hands. Ravi Teja starrer "Power" was an average grosser. Still, he is throwing too much of tantrums. 



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