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Bigg Boss's Balancing Act: Kumar Sai Evicted?

Bigg Boss's Balancing Act: Kumar Sai Evicted?

Comedian Kumar Sai will exit the Bigg Boss season 4 in Sunday's episode according to sources.

Kumar Sai has been getting a decent share of votes on a consistent basis and he was never in the danger zone till now.

The news about his eviction comes as a shock to all those who follow the show.

Although Kumar Sai was passive in the initial weeks, he started to fight hard during the weekly tasks and became a strong contender for the final five.

Surprisingly, Bigg Boss has sent him home and it is believed that it is a decision made against the public mandate.

According to speculations, it was Monal Gajjar who got the least number of votes, but Bigg Boss chose to send Kumar out to save another female contestant from getting evicted.

Except Surya Kiran, all other evicted contestants are females and Bigg Boss management didn’t want to send another female out at this juncture.

We can expect the next couple of eliminations also to take the same route to maintain gender balance in the house. 

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