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Are These Mega Heroes Worth Rs 8 Cr- 13 Cr Remuneration?

Are These Mega Heroes Worth Rs 8 Cr- 13 Cr Remuneration?

The practice of giving huge remuneration to heroes is rooted in the belief of a strong opening because of stardom. This has been a hallmark of mega heroes, drawing diverse fans and ensuring revenue.

However, this conviction is eroding for mega heroes, as weaker openings and inconsistent film performance challenge the notion of guaranteed success. 

Even prominent figures like Pawan Kalyan face challenges in yielding profits for buyers, due to the rumored hefty remunerations. 

Sai Dharam Tej's recent films, except "Virupaksha," struggle at the box office. Unlike hits such as "F2," "F3," and "Gaddalakonda Ganesh", the films of Varun Tej also falling flat. 

Regardless, Sai Dharam Tej seeks remunerations up to 8 and 13 crores. Similarly, Varun Tej received 9 crores for "Gandeevadhaari Arjuna," raising concerns about cost recovery.

The dilemma stems from movies grappling with weak openings and audience engagement, reflected in minimal collections. 

Producers' tendency to offer extravagant remunerations stems from their eagerness to make many films in short duration.

Heroes, capitalizing on this trend, demand high pay, creating anxiety among both producers and buyers. No one knows where this ends.

Ultimately the producers perish but the heroes flourish with new producers coming into the game.


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